Join Joey & Tasha for a surprise workout every Tuesday and Thursday morning. This class will run thru June!! …MIX’N IT UP…!Instructors: Joey Gillespie, Tasha Miller Location: Fitness Gym Time: 5:30-6:15am; T,THCost: $30 for non-members, Free to members


Appropriate for the beginner and the experienced rider with an emphasis on providing a fun, effective and well-rounded workout. You will be challenging yourself with jumps, hills, sprints, and whatever else your instructor has envisioned for your journey that day. Maximize your results with serious abs! Finishing with a series of dynamic movements that will increase your flexibility, restore balance and strengthen core muscles of the lower back and abdominals.Instructor: Deann Bailey Location: Fitness GymTime: 9:00-10:00am; T,THCost: $30 for non-members, Free to members


Sweat, Sculpt, and Rock with Tasha and Laurin! Pound is sweat dripping, infectious, energizing, fun, drumming workout!Instructors: Tasha Miller, Laurin Kluver Location: Fitness GymTime: 11:00-11:30am; T,THCost: $30 for non-members, Free to members


If you haven’t joined us yet, you ARE missing out! It’s fun, effective, easy to follow Latin dance party. Any level welcome. Join Laurin & Tasha and get that workout done without even knowing it.Instructor: Tasha Miller, Laurin Kluver Location: Fitness GymTime: 10:00-10:45am; M,W Cost: $30 for non-members, Free to members


This class is designed for moms who want to use the nursery while they get out and get some outdoor exercise. You will be required to check in with the nursery and participate in the class and then pick up your child immediately after! Strollers welcome!! Instructors: Tasha Miller Location: OutsideTime: 11:00-11:50am; M, W


A water exercise class designed for all levels of physical fitness. The water environment puts less stress on the body’s joints while adding resistance to help improve your muscle tone while also getting the cardiovascular benefits. So grab a friend, have some fun in the sun wearing a wet vest; however participants must be comfortable in deep water. Must be 14 and up.Instructor: Tammy RobinsonLocation: PoolTime:12:10-12:50pm; M,T,W,THCost: $30 for non-members, Free to members


Join me on Tuesday and Thursdays for a lunchtime workout/stretch! Tuesday will be cardio all the way. All different kinds of workouts to keep you guessing! Thursday will be yoga for the mind and body! Great way to end the week and start the weekend!! Class goes thru June!Instructor: Joey Gillespie, Location: Fitness GymTime: 12:10-12:50pm; T,THCost: $30 for non-members, Free to members


Mix it up! We will be working in the shallow as well as deep water. Using the resistance of the water for an awesome strength and cardio workout! Instructor: Tasha MillerLocation: PoolTime: 5:40-6:15pm; M, W June OnlyCost: $30 for non-members, Free to members


Imagine summiting a mountain you never thought you could…explore the back country with Tammy and some of the fitness staff and let the impressive scenery revitalize you. Escape the humdrum routine and sign-up for some organic fun, fresh air, fantastic views and great interaction with other people who enjoy the outdoors! Get a taste of the adventure trekking lifestyle.•Participants: must be 18 or older. NO children, NO pets, NO exceptions! NO CPRD nursery. Participants need to be in good physical condition.•Participants should have: camel back hydration pack or day pack with plenty of water; snacks & lunch; jacket, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses; bear spray is encouraged, but not necessary; $ money to cover gas for CPRD van (we will split it)•There will be 2 hikes. The hikes are 3.5 miles or less each direction. Hikes will be held tentatively, weather permitting.Wednesdays, July 12th; July 19th•More info will be posted closer to dates. Sign-up at front desk. Contact Tammy for more information. 748-3326 Ext. 121