2018 Meltdown

MELTDOWN Transformation 2018!

Join our certified and experienced trainers, Deann, Tasha, Joey and Whitney to take on our CPRD Weight Loss Challenge! For 10 weeks you will be challenged to step up your workouts, clean up your food choices and given support, tools and guidance to make it happen! We will ask you to make a big commitment for these 10 weeks- but in return for that big commitment, we will help you get BIG results! This is not a crash diet- -safety and sustainability is OUR #1 priority– we want the weight to stay off! We won’t promote or sell any fad diets or any health- risking workouts.  Workouts and nutrition goals will be tailored to YOUR personal goals and requirements. We want you to be successful in a way that you can maintain for a lifetime- -and we can’t wait to get started!

Program Dates: January 2nd to March 16th

Registration: Jan. 2nd- deadline to signup is Jan. 15th. 

Program ends Mar. 16th @1 pm. Dinner & Big Prizes on March 19th @ 6:00 pm. MUST complete 8 weeks to be eligible for the free dinner/prizes!  Prize drawings weekly to goal achieved participants!

For more information contact:

Deann Bailey @748-3326 ext. 121 or dbailey@colstripparks.com





  • WHAT: Meltdown is a fun program that will help you set and attain your weight loss goals. We will teach you how to lose weight the healthy way, and how to keep it off through lifestyle changes. *This incentive program is set up not as a contest to see who can lose the most amount of weight but who can lose it through life style eating and exercise changes.  Studies show that people who live healthy life styles through diet and exercise have a more productive, fulfilling, and quality life.  Added bonuses to the weight loss are a plethora of fun prizes you can win weekly and some bigger prizes at a banquet at the end of the 10 week program.  This program is free to members and only $5.00 for non members.
  • HOW: This is how it works; we weigh you and analyze your body fat (body fat is optional but highly recommended because sometimes the scale does not always tell you the whole story).  Then we will help you to set healthy attainable weight loss goal for the ten-week period. Each week we will set small weekly goals.  At the end of each week we will weigh you again.  For each week that you make your goal you will receive a sticker on our goal chart.  Each week you exercised three times you will receive another sticker.  We will verify this by you checking in at the front desk each time you exercise for  30 minutes or more.  If you exercise an extra two times (five times) per week you will receive another sticker.  If you achieve your weekly weight loss and exercise at least three times that week you will receive a bonus sticker. You also have an opportunity to win a 5th sticker by completing the weekly nutrition challenge. There is a possibility of earning 5 stickers per week.  For each sticker on our chart that you earn you will get to put your name in for the drawings.  *If at the end of the 10-week session you reach your ultimate (10 week) weight loss goal and you have exercised at least three times per week your name will be put in for the grand prizes. *You will not be rewarded for losing more than 20 pounds. To be eligible for the weight loss sticker your goal must be in the 5-20 pound range. (You may join if you do not need to lose weight and will have an opportunity to earn 3 stickers to be put in for the prize drawings and for the free dinner.)
  • GRANDFATHER CLAUSE: If you were in Meltdown during previous years, made your goal, have kept the weight off, and you are at a normal body fat for your age you can be grandfathered in. This means you will receive a sticker each week for goal weight if you don’t gain weight.  You will still have to earn the exercise stickers.  If your weight stays the same and you exercise you will get the fourth sticker and completing the nutrition challenge for the 5th sticker. *We will also have a one-time star at the beginning for anyone whom kept his of her weight off from the previous year regardless of his or her body fat.  There will be a separate drawing for the grandfather participants that keep their weight goals and earn all their exercise stars.
  • BONUS STARS: Each week there will be a nutrition challenge with information. People completing the weekly nutrition challenge will receive a bonus sticker- your 5th.  Remember for each sticker you receive your name goes in again for drawings.
  • WHEN: We will start Monday, January 2nd.  Our fitness staff will be available to weigh you in on Mondays 8-5, Tuesdays 8-5, Wednesdays 8-5, Thursdays 7-6, Fridays 8:30-1:00.  If you are enrolled in one of our fitness classes your instructor may be able to weigh you before or after the class. We would like it if you could weigh in at the same time each week.  Also it would be preferable if you weighed in your work out clothes (NO SHOES) for an accurate weight each week.
  • We strongly recommend you get a fitness assessment within the first 2 weeks of starting meltdown. In a semi-private atmosphere the assessment includes: weigh-in, body fat percentage, body measurements, blood pressure, and resting heart rate, exercise heart rate range, calorie requirement, cardio test on step or treadmill, push up, abdominal crunch test, posture and flexibility screening. We conclude with recommendations on exercise and nutrition. The assessment is free with meltdown and free for a reassessment if you finish meltdown. If you would like a personal program the cost is $20 for members $25 for non-members, if you would like one-on-one personal training the cost for an hour session is $30 for members and $35 for non-members
  • Deadline to sign-up for meltdown is January15!!! You MUST have completed 8 weeks to be eligible for the free dinner and prizes.