CPRD Accomplishments

CPRD Accomplishments

Years 2000 – present

January 2000:

  • Donated $5,000.00 to the Colstrip Senior Citizens minibus purchased through a community effort

March 2000:

  • Remodeled north racquetball court into a cardio center named it the Heart Room.

June 2000:

  • CPRD partnered with CAAB (Colstrip Area Association of Businesses) and City of Colstrip to establish “Welcome signs” on HWY 39.

July 2000:

  • Millennium Bike and Skate Park opened

August and September 2000:

  • Added an outdoor restroom at both Schaeffer Soccer Fields and South Baseball Fields
  • Removed existing and added new playground equipment at Larkspur and Ash Court Playgrounds

December 2000-February 2001:

  • Entered into an agreement with the Montana Department of Transportation to erect highway sign at the entrance to Castle Rock Lake. Sign delivered and erected by spring of 2001

July 2001:

  • New playground equipment installed at Meadowlark playground (owned by power plant owners) and Piedmont Park

November 2001:

  • Signs directing drivers to Community Center were ordered to be placed on Willow Ave.

February 2002:

  • CPRD Kids After School Program established and located at the CPRD Nursery

Spring 2002:

  • CPRD partnered with the City of Colstrip, CAAB and the School District to erect the Community Message Board

September 2002:

  • CPRD entered into a lease with the Colstrip Public Schools to use a portion of the Isabel Bills Elementary School for the After School Program.

October 2002:

  • Grand opening of the Power Road Bicycle/Pedestrian Trail. The trail runs from the intersection of Pine Butte Drive and Power Road to Willow Ave. Recreational Trails grant funds were used from the MT Fish Wildlife and Parks. Volunteers from PPL and the Colstrip Volunteer Fire Dept. prepared the base for paving.

December 2002:

  • Board Approval to allocate $500 to fund filing fees and set-up costs to start the Quality of Life Corporation and to move forward in participating to create the Quality of Life Corp. as a Non-Profit Corp. 501(c) 3.

January 2003:

  • Quality of Life becomes a joint effort between CPRD and the Colstrip Public School District.

September 2003:

  • Chisholm Park playground updated with help from an Eagle Scout named Spenser Benson.

October 2003:

  • Western Energy Co. signed a Quit Claim Deed to turn over the Cherry Street fountain area to Rosebud County to be maintained by CPRD

November 2003:

  • Breakfast Club was started as a before school program for K-6 school children and fully funded by Quality of Life.

January 2004:

  • Approved Resolution # 10604 to authorize a mill levy election on May 4, 2004 to expand and improve the Community Center.

June 2004:

  • State Hershey Track Meet held in Colstrip.
  • Rye Park Pavilion is dedicated during Colstrip Days. It is an outdoor community shelter with handicap accessible restrooms that was built with Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant assistance.
  • Sports Illustrated Magazine celebrated their 50th Anniversary and designated a Sports Town in each state. Colstrip was selected as Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Sportstown for the State of Montana. The application process started in 2003 and this honor was announced and celebrated during Colstrip Days.

July 2004:

  • Signed first 5 year Interlocal Agreement for Shared Services between CPRD and City of Colstrip

November 2004:

  • Signed first Interlocal Agreement for Shared Services between CPRD and Colstrip Public Schools

March 2005:

  • Adoption of CPRD Park Rules by City of Colstrip and CPRD
  • Signed Lease Agreement with Glenn Godfrey for the golf season

May 2005:

  • Community Center remodel and expansion began

February 2006:

  • Community Center Remodel complete and features a Grand Opening celebration

March 2006:

  • Resolution #33006 to authorize Mill Levy Vote. The increased mill levy to cover capital improvement projects and for no membership fees, daily use fees or golf green fees for Park District residents. Mail-In Ballot June 27, 2006
  • Passed Policy to use NYSCA for background check of volunteer coaches – effective January 1, 2007

June 2006:

  • Voters approved no membership, daily use or golf green fees for Colstrip Park District residents.

November 2006:

  • Interlocal Agreement for Shared Services between Colstrip Parks and Recreation District, PPL Montana and City of Colstrip. An agreement involving ground watering wells at Ponderosa Butte Golf Course.

January 2007:

  • Policy to use NYSCA for background check of volunteer coaches takes effect

January 2008:

  • Weight Room Expansion

June 2008:

  • Adopted Polices on computer and telephone use and record retention

August 2008:

  • Disc Golf Course – worked with Garrick Goodheart to install and complete

October 2008:

  • CPRD Nursery expansion
  • Racquetball Court Repair and Renovation
  • CPRD Board was awarded the National Recreation and Park Association Citizen Branch Outstanding Board/Commission Award – Class I for 2008. This award is for populations under 25,000. Bill Neumiller, President, accepted the award in Baltimore MD on 10/16/08.

November 2008:

  • CPRD selected as one of the 2009 National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) “After School Archery Program (ASAP)” grantees. $500 archery grant for school children awarded.
  • CPRD selected to participate in the 2009 “Sticks for Kids” Golf Program. Ten junior golf sets for children to use to learn the game of golf.

March 2009:

  • Interlocal Agreement signed on March 11th, with the City of Colstrip for the construction and operation of the Public Fountain, re-named Cherry Street Plaza. Located by City Hall – this project was completed May 2010.
  • Renamed the Legion Baseball Field to “ Sgt. Trevor J. Johnson” Memorial Field

April 2009:

  • North Park Tennis courts renovated to horseshoe facility. CPRD purchased materials and Boy Scout Troop 729 volunteered their labor to do construction.

July 2009:

  • Started Phase 1 (of 3) South Fields Renovation – Phase 3 to be completed September 2010. Actually completed this project in 2 phases.

August 2009:

  • Big Timber Park playground updated
  • Access Right of Way Easement signed with PPL Montana LLC and Puget Sound Energy Inc. for groundwater collection

September 2009:

Request for CPRD to help with the purchase of a new Senior Citizens Mini Bus. CPRD board passed a motion to add $5,000 to the budget for CPRD’s share.

May 2010:

  • Completed Cherry Street Plaza project

September 2010

  • South Fields improvements complete. Additional netting added about one year later to minimize foul balls entering parking and fan areas for additional safety.

October 2010:

  • CPRD Board members work with City and Police Dept. to improve policing our parks and green belt areas to decrease vandalism and improve safety.

December 2010:

  • Vandalism Policy Adopted

September 2011:

  • Approved installing new windows at Ponderosa Butte Golf Course Clubhouse. Windows were installed in 2012.

January 2012:

  • Approved final draft of the Master Plan for the Sweet Grass Neighborhood Park with the name to be Wild Horse Park
  • Wild Horse Park Approval for final bid
  • Approved to apply for CTEP Grant through the City of Colstrip to complete sidewalk and trails at Wild Horse Park

July 2012:

  • Wild Horse Park completed

April 2013

  • New playground in Winchester Park completed

April 2012

  • Stillwater Ballfields parking paving phase 1 is completed

September 2013

  • CTEP project of new sidewalks and trails connecting Prospector Trail adjacent to Wild Horse project completed

November 2013

  • Golf Pump Station replacement and pond dredging project begins

February 2014

  • New rubber flooring in Community Center basement locker rooms and hallway installed

March 2014

  • Request for Qualification for engineering services for wading pool to spray park conversion

April 2014

  • Golf Pump Station project is complete

May 2014

  • Added 2 additional ADA parking areas to Rye Park near pavilion & building rear entry

June 2014

  • Stillwater Ballfields parking lot paving phase 2 completed

July 2014

  • Rye Park wading pool conversion to spray park Phase 1 (purchase elements) & Phase 2 bid demolition for water and sewer installation design begins

October 2014

  • Bid opening for Rye Park wading pool conversion Phase 1 & 2